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It all started in response to a piece of homophobic graffiti in the Hebden Bridge Town Centre during 2016, now it’s a annual festival bringing people together.

Happy Valley Pride is now a registered charity (charity number 1193168)

History of Happy Valley Pride 

Happy Valley Pride was born when local residents witnessed homophobic graffiti sprayed on a piece of tarpaulin by the Hebden Bridge Town Hall, during the summer of 2015. It was a stark reminder that there’s still work to be done – a casual phrase, that has been knocking around school playgrounds for decades, it was none-the-less shocking, simply because it is still in use in our seemingly, tolerant and open-minded community.

The first meeting took place in September 2015, when we formulated a mission statement outlining the fundamental purpose of our organisation: “To celebrate LGBTQ+ life in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas. Promoting equality and diversity to eradicate discrimination, based on sexual orientation and gender identity, through education and engagement.”

As a mixture of local business people, artists, writers and entrepreneurs, we felt we could create a unique LGBTQ+ organisation in Hebden Bridge.

With the help of local artists, we turned the offensive graffiti statement into one of celebration and acceptance. It has become symbolic of the power of the people in overcoming intolerance and anti-social behaviour for Happy Valley Pride.

Now Happy Valley Pride continues to celebrate LGBTQ+ life with an annual festival of diversity, inclusivity and awareness for everyone. Hebden Bridge is a wonderful place. We’re famous for our quirkiness, creativity and open-mindedness. You should be able to be yourself here, no matter how you identify and the sense of community shines like no other place on earth. Let us all show our pride together.


“What an amazing Happy Valley Pride, a wonderful coming together – THANK YOU!“

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